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Lesson 8 Python Graphic User Interface

A consumer is a person who interacts with a piece of software or a programme. Any programme can be interacted with in one of two ways. The first method involves a user issuing an order to execute the task. For instance, if a user needs to print the contents of a file, he may use the PRINT command. The user must be familiar with the syntax and proper use of the PRINT command.

The programme may only be used by him. CUI refers to a software interface in which the user interacts with the device using commands or characters (Character User Interface). The MS-DOS operating system is an example of CUI. The disadvantage of CUI is that it requires the user to memorise many commands and how to use them correctly.

CUI would be daunting for someone who has no prior experience with computers. Graphics, photographs, or videos are the second way to communicate with an application. No instructions must be remembered by the operator. He will complete the task by clicking on the appropriate photographs. To submit some data to a printer, for example, the user simply clicks on the printer image (or picture).

After that, the user must specify how many copies he needs, and the printing will proceed. The user may communicate with an application by graphics or images in this environment, which is referred to as GUI (Graphic User Interface). The Windows operating system is an example of a GUI.

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