Data Analytics

· May 8, 2021

Who is a Data Analyst & What do they do?

Data Analysts are professionals who translate numbers, statistics, figures, into plain English for everyone to understand.

Given the circumstances, there’s always an increasing scope for Data Analysts at the workplace, and it may be an excellent choice for those who have a strong foothold in mathematics, statistics, computer science or business backgrounds. This position includes data mining, fluency in languages like SQL, Python, etc. to extract the relevant insights from the data sets as well as channeling those ideas through visualizations and reports.

A Data Analyst collects, stores, and interprets data to transform it into valuable business insights that can be used to improve business operations and foster data-driven decision making. Since this job role involves parsing through data, analyzing it, and interpreting it, it is primarily analytical. The increasing demand for data analysts are increasing the data analyst salary in India.

Here at Cognitio, we focus on roles high in demand, reverse-engineering our curriculum based on the skills needed to perform on the job.

We’ve built this 120 hours of extensive certification program in data analysis to enable our students to develop their careers in the growing data sector. This program is taught entirely online with one-on-one, weekly sessions with a dedicated mentor.

The responsibilities of a data analyst are diverse. They include:

  • Gathering data: standardizing it while maintaining its integrity.
  • Interpreting data: identifying trends and helping others make sense of it.
  • Presenting data: creating dashboards, visualizations, and written reports.
  • Analyzing data: support decision-making to improve the company’s strategy.

What are my job prospects?

Companies around the world are looking for Data Analysts both in start-ups and in large enterprises.

This program will prepare you for the following careers:

  • Data Analyst (6,000+ jobs on
  • Marketing Analyst (10,000+ jobs on
  • Business Intelligence Analyst  (5,000+ jobs on


This training is accessible to all. However, here are a few recommendations:

  • Under Graduate Students from BSc, BMS, BBA, BCom Programs are best suited for this program
  • A good level of English  is recommended
  • Access to a computer (PC or Mac), headphones, a webcam, and a good internet connection is essential.

Technical prerequisites

  • Fundamentals of probability, statistics, and linear algebra (i.e. matrices multiplication).

Required Equipment

Your computer doesn’t need to be particularly powerful to complete this path, but it will need to meet the following requirements: 

  • CPU: 64-bit, Intel Core i7 or i5
  • RAM: 16GB memory or larger
  • Storage: Recommended minimum of 100 GB

What will I learn?

  • Perform database searches using SQL queries to retrieve relevant data.
  • Transform data into valuable information.
  • Create informative data visualizations.
  • Create dashboards and reports to facilitate the decision making process.
  • Apply key mathematical concepts for data analysis.
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