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The German language program from Cognitio is tailored to match the International Standards of
CEFR(Common European Framework for Reference). CEFR levels are set after long research of 12 years by the Council of Europe.

It is designed in a way to focus on the overall development and the use of language. The
proficiency of Language is assessed on the basis of 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

This program helps each candidate to prepare for all types of International Certification Exams like Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD), Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (ZDfB), Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF) etc.

The above mentioned International certifications are accepted and recognized globally.

It is spoken by more than 100 million people all over the world and is the 3rd most popular
foreign language across the world.
German speaking countries are Germany, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg,
Switzerland, South Tyrol in Italy, Some parts of Poland and Brazil.

Academic Prospects: The German government offers a significant number of scholarships to foreign students. Also, other support may be provided along with the scholarship. Qualitative education is provided in various fields of education. Also holiday working visas are sometimes provided.

Germany is an important exporting country. Germany trades with almost all the European
countries as well as other countries. It is the largest European trading partner of the United States.

Also, over 2000 US companies trade with many German-speaking countries
Much of the research in modern science is published in German.

Germany greatly contributes to various scientific research and development. Besides, research fellowships are offered to foreign students. One of India’s largest trading partners and stands 8th largest FDI in India.



After successfully finishing the German language: Level 1 course, Cognitio will provide you with an industry-recognized course completion certificate that has lifelong legality.

Students should be able to utilize the nuances of the language learned in the course in the form of assessments given by the Instructor.

Certification of the completion of the course will be provided to the enrolled students only after going through a Standard Evaluation process.

Cognitio certified students are eligible to appear any International Certification Exams (Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD), Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (ZDfB), Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF) ) conducted Worldwide.

COurse overview

This level develops the understanding of the language with speaking and listening skills. The additions in the grammar topics are making simple basic sentences, framing questions, uses of verbs, modal verbs, articles, pronouns, prepositions, noun cases, etc. is a new set of Vocabulary. We focus on development of basic topics covered in order for smooth transition.

Student Take Away:

Topics & Keywords

Greetings | Occupation | Hobbies | Travel | Eating | Family | Friends | Office | Home | Health & Wellness | Vacation | Culture

This level enhances the understanding of the language with better speaking and listening skills. The additions in the grammar topics are conjunctions, relative sentences, simple past, and adjective endings. There is a new set of Vocabulary. We also focus on revision of topics covered in level A1 for smoother transition.

Student Take Away:

Topics & Keywords

Cooking | School | Opinions | Jobs & Work | Profession & Language | Neighbors & Pets | Celebrations | Music | Wishes | Vacation | Culture Newspapers

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