This Advanced Certification in UI UX Design will teach you important design methods. Master interaction designs, design thinking, wireframing, guerilla testing, and other advanced design concepts from leading industry practitioners. The training will enable you for a rewarding career in UI/UX design.


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45 HRS Live Training + 15 HRS Soft Skills Training




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Why choose UI/UX?

A business should be able to leave an impact on its consumers in order for it to grow and become established as trustworthy and efficient. UX/UI helps businesses do that – it focuses on the consumers experience and satisfaction. The primary goal is to make apps and websites user friendly and efficient while keeping the target audience in mind. Businesses and commerce are growing every day so with this rapid growth along with the digitization of everything around, UI/UX is a booming career. Not only does it have diverse and extensive opportunities, but it also provides heavy paychecks and flexibility of time. Our UI UX Developer course takes an application based approach which will get you industry ready by equipping you with the necessary skills and a portfolio. We also provide internship opportunities along with mentoring.

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Cognitio will issue you an industry-recognized course achievement certification with lifelong legality after you complete the UI/UX Design course. In the form of assessments given by the instructor, students will be able to demonstrate the theories learned in class, enabling them to develop the required skills and experience. Only after a thorough review process will enrolled students receive the certification of course completion.


Guaranteed Internship

Placement Assistance

Course Overview

  • Basic broad concepts and contexts for user interfaces
  • Formal Elements of Interface Design
  • Active Elements of Interface Design
  • Composing the Elements of Interface Design
  • Practice Exercises
  • Assessments (MCQ’s to evaluate student’s performance)
  • Ideation, Articulation & Development
  • Planning, Testing, Researching & Mapping 
  • What Goes Where?
  • Making It By Faking It
    • Feeling Real, Linking Up, Branching Out, Making Pathways, and Publish Your Prototype
  • Practice Exercises & Assessments
  • The User Experience Process
  • Defining the Strategy
  • Delineating the Scope
  • The Sitemap
  • All about Wireframes
    • Primary, Secondary & Utility Navigations
    • Related content, inline links, indexes, and search
    • Wayfinding, Header, Footer, Sidebar, Content & Common Form Elements
    • Wireframing Tools
  • The Mock-Up Phase
    • Visual Mock-Up & Design Principals
    • WhiteSpace & Web Typography
  • All About Coding
    • HTML vs. CSS vs. Javascript
    • HTML & CSS Basics
  • Learning to Put Altogether
    • Clickable Prototypes & Invision Introduction
    • Exporting Assets, Importing Assets, and Creating Hotspots
    • HotSpot Templates & Full-MockUps
  • Practice Exercises & Assessments 

Skills Acquired:

  • Certifications of UI/UX
  • Certification of completion of the course


  • MCQs to evaluate student’s performance
  • Assignments

Skills Acquired:

  • Introduction to Soft-Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Resume building
  • Digital Profile creation
  • Planning and Time Management
  • Interview Preparation
  • Communication with Consumer


  • MCQs to evaluate student’s performance

Foreword by Industry Expert

User Interface and User Experience are abbreviated as UI/UX. The goal of UI/UX design is to create products that focus on the user's experience. Due to the ever-changing nature of technology, UI/UX designers are in high demand across all industries. Learning UI/UX would benefit an individual not only in terms of earning a stable income, but also in terms of learning to design things with other users in mind.

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